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Unit of study_

SCWK4004: Issue Based Learning Unit 4

This unit is the fourth of a sequence of four Issue Based Learning units. It is of five weeks duration and is intended to develop further students' capabilities in the transfer of knowledge and independent work. It builds on the knowledge and includes skills gained in Field Education 2A and 2B.

Code SCWK4004
Academic unit Social Work
Credit points 9
SCWK4003 and SCWK4005
SCWK4002 and (SCWK4006 or SCWK4007)

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. analyse and reflect critically on age, ageing and old age and their expression in social theories, social policies and social work
  • LO2. form and defend views about desirable directions for social policy and social work with respect to ageing and old age
  • LO3. produce and present orally and in writing the results of collaborative research within a short timeframe
  • LO4. identify and review learning achieved throughout the unit of study.