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SCWK5009: Poverty and Social Exclusion

This unit of study highlights key contextual theoretical and practice issues for social work. It introduces the historical and contemporary role of social work in assessing and addressing poverty, inequality and social disadvantage. Students will be introduced to theories of social justice, the welfare state, social policy development and social change. The unit also provides knowledge about key groups in Australian society who are most affected by poverty and social exclusion such as Indigenous Australians, unemployed people, young people who are disconnected from family, people with disabilities, low income families, migrants and refugees and older people. Students will engage critically with policy and practice responses to poverty and social exclusion and local national and global levels.

Code SCWK5009
Academic unit Social Work
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. demonstrate knowledge of the major debates in the history of social work and social policy approaches to poverty and social exclusion
  • LO2. demonstrate knowledge of the institutional frameworks of Australian social work, including an understanding of the legal, administrative, financial and organisational arrangements relating to poverty and social exclusion
  • LO3. engage critically with the opportunities and constraints experienced by the social work profession and individual social workers in achieving policy change or challenging social exclusion
  • LO4. undertake a critical analysis of a broad range of contemporary policy problems and demonstrate skills in working in small groups to achieve social change
  • LO5. demonstrate skills in linking experience with scholarship.

Unit outlines

Unit outlines will be available 1 week before the first day of teaching for the relevant session.