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Unit of study_

SDDM5113: Foundations of Clinical Dentistry B1

This unit of study commences with Radiology, where the students are given the opportunity to take and report on radiographs within the simulated learning environment; and to develop diagnostic skills in the interpretation of normal anatomical structures. The student is also given an introductory framework to the diagnosis and rehabilitation of patients with tooth loss and diseases of the supporting tissues, namely periodontal diseases. Introductory laboratory and didactic sessions will provide student knowledge on the range of rehabilitation options available to replace missing teeth, including partial and complete dentures. Students may be required to attend classes at multiple locations.

Code SDDM5113
Academic unit Discipline of Oral Surgery, Medicine and Diagnostics
Credit points 3
SDDM5111 and SDDM5112 and SDDM5114

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Understand and explain the anatomy of healthy periodontal tissues
  • LO2. Explain epidemiology, aetiology and pathogenesis of periodontal diseases, understand and perform screening process, basic diagnostic and therapy of periodontal diseases in simulated and clinical settings
  • LO3. Describe the consequences of tooth loss on the patient's oral health. Briefly identify options for replacement of teeth, and identify components of removable partial dental prostheses.
  • LO4. Complete the prescribed technical steps involved in constructing a complete maxillary acrylic dental prosthesis and a partial mandibular acrylic dental prosthesis case, and describe the steps involved in construction of acrylic and cobalt chrome prostheses beginning wit history taking.
  • LO5. To conceptualise and reinforce the understanding of radiographic technique with emphasis on intraoral radiographs.
  • LO6. To correlate concepts from general anatomy to radiographic anatomy and introduce principles of interpretation of radiographic images.

Unit outlines

Unit outlines will be available 2 weeks before the first day of teaching for the relevant session.