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Unit of study_

SIEN1000: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Foundation

In this unit students acquire foundational knowledge about innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E), including: perspectives, theoretical frameworks, processes, and mindsets required for success. Students discuss topics such as: sources of innovation; different types of I&E; defining and operationalising 'value'; ethical and responsible innovation; I&E for sustainability, and contemporary technological frontiers and trends. This unit takes an inclusive, multidisciplinary view, identifying complementarities and specificities of innovation and entrepreneurship across different disciplines to enhance students' ability to articulate and defend arguments on the topics of innovation and entrepreneurship in their course of study.

Code SIEN1000
Academic unit Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Critically discuss and analyse the concepts of entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • LO2. Demonstrate an ability to engage meaningfully and critically in debates about innovation and entrepreneurial processes in society; as well as how they intersect with contemporary technological frontiers, pressing social and ecological challenges and the UN SDGs.
  • LO3. Recognise and illustrate the multidisciplinary nature of innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • LO4. Analyze cases of innovation and entrepreneurship across multiple disciplines and industries; across traditional businesses and social ventures; and across start-ups and large established organizations.
  • LO5. Present and illustrate core concepts of innovation and entrepreneurship with reference to multiple settings and multiple types of innovations.