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Unit of study_

USSC6902: US Politics: The World of Washington

This unit will examine US domestic politics through analysing the federal structure and separation of powers within the American political system. This understanding will provide an appreciation of the porous nature of US political institutions, offering social actors a variety of venues and opportunities to influence political decision-making. It will examine the factors that make some arenas more open than others and strategies that groups and political actors take to secure or prise open those avenues for change.

Code USSC6902
Academic unit United States Studies Centre
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. to provide students with a strong understanding of the structure and culture of American politics
  • LO2. to gain an understanding of the principal actors who have shaped American politics in the modern era
  • LO3. to develop a detailed knowledge of how American polity is organised and what can be comparatively learned from American approaches
  • LO4. to demonstrate an ability to think analytically through provision of advanced theoretical frameworks
  • LO5. to apply advanced oral and written communication skills that conform to the professional standard in the field
  • LO6. to work to a deadline and produce research outputs different from the standard academic assignments