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VETS9052: Necropsy and Surgical Pathology

This unit focuses on developing observation, interpretation and reporting skills for morbid anatomy and histopathology. Students will perform necropsies and select tissues for histopathological examination. They will also be exposed to techniques of processing and staining (H and E, special stains and immunohistochemical staining). There will be special attention paid to describing gross and microscopic changes, and writing reports. Students will be exposed to the fundamentals of interpretation. At the end of this Unit of Study, students will: Perform necropsies on, and collect tissues from, standard species; Effectively describe and communicate gross pathological changes (necropsy and biopsy); Select fixed tissues for histopathological processing; Understand the theory and practice of tissue processing and staining; Examine and describe histopathological slides; Understand basic interpretive techniques; Write adequate biopsy and necropsy reports.

Code VETS9052
Academic unit School of Veterinary Science Academic Operations
Credit points 6

The learning outcomes for this unit will be available two weeks before the first day of teaching.

Unit outlines

Unit outlines will be available 1 week before the first day of teaching for the relevant session.