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Unit of study_

VSAO1611: Voice 1

Students will explore repertoire appropriate to their individual development, with an emphasis on the development of technical skills, musical expression, diction/language and communication. In lessons, vocal performance class and performance workshop, students apply these skills in performance and while reflecting on their own and peers' work. On completion of this unit students should be able to demonstrate technical, musical, musical, diction/language and performance skills that will prepare their vocal studies at higher levels.

Code VSAO1611
Academic unit Vocal and Opera Studies
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. demonstrate progressive understanding and application of healthy/efficient technique according to your style/genre
  • LO2. integrate technical co-ordinations with language, diction and communication (classical voice) and acting (music theatre) in repertoire performance
  • LO3. prepare and perform individually recommended repertoire with individuality and imagination
  • LO4. demonstrate thorough lesson/performance warm-up, use of lesson recordings, note-taking, progressive musical/poetic/communication/performance preparation (classical voice) and musical/dramatic/movement/poetic/performance preparation (music theatre)
  • LO5. research musical and poetic structures, the contribution of pianistic and/or orchestral writing and musical style in a wide range of repertoire and styles
  • LO6. demonstrate the ability to communicate in character, descriptive and narrative songs, carefully chosen arias and other appropriate repertoire
  • LO7. refine verbal and non-verbal communication skills for engagement with audiences in varying performance situations
  • LO8. critically reflect on own and peers’ performances with courtesy to and collegiality for all
  • LO9. show engagement with published procedures and communication through canvas, the vocal division handbook (for classical singers) or the music theatre handbook (for music theatre singers).