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The Health minor focusses on the development of knowledge and skills in understanding global and local health issues, health systems and design of equitable and effective approaches to health promotion for different communities.

Through the minor you will be exposed to the different aspects of health and, once your understanding is developed, you can choose to explore in-depth areas of health that most appeal to you. Some topics include: eHealth, health ethics and the law, the social determinants of health, health policy, health economics, and health research.

Your critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and research skills will be developed through interactive classes and 'real-world' assessments. This will support you in developing skills applicable to a broad range of health roles and industries.

About this minor

The Health minor is only available as a first minor in the degrees listed below. However, it is also available as a second minor in the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Science and their associated double degree combinations. 

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