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Centre for Translational Data Science

Data for good

The Centre for Translational Data Science was established in 2016 and is one of only a few centres worldwide whose research focuses on modelling complex data and translating this research into practical outcomes which benefit society. We're applying advanced methods in statistics and machine learning to understand the unknown and solve real-world problems.

What is data science?

  • Sally Cripps Headshot

    Sally Cripps

    "Data science lies at the intersection of mathematics, statistics and computer science, developing new techniques across these disciplines to answer questions of societal interest. It epitomises Pasteurs quadrant; basic research inspired by a real problem."
  • Roman Marchant

    Roman Marchant Matus

    "Data Science is the systematic study of complex phenomena by means of developing and applying a combination of mathematical modelling and computer science techniques to uncover patterns in data which are useful to answer questions about the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural environment."
  • Richard Scalzo Headshot

    Richard Scalzo

    "A field of study that critically evaluates the impact and effectiveness of our use of evidence to learn about the world." 
  • Rohit Chandra headshot

    Rohit Chandra

    “The unification of machine learning and statistics for solving transdisciplinary problems.”
  • Rafa Dos Santos De Oliveira headshot

    Rafael Dos Santos De Oliveira

    “The science of analysing and processing data to discover patterns and extract useful information for decision making and uncertainty quantification.”
  • Lionel Ott Headshot

    Lionel Ott

    “The answer to the question of what methods and techniques are needed to solve challenging real world problems that necessitate the use of domain knowledge and a principled uncertainty treatment.”
  • Aldo Saavedra

    "Data science is the scientific endeavour that provides the tools with which to tell the story that is recorded or documented within data. It is these tools that allows us to disentangle the various relationships that may exist between the data fields, how they change with time and how to express the uncertainty associated with the relationship. It provides a framework where this and much more can be performed in a systematic and reproducible manner that can be shared and compared."
  • Hadi Afshar

    Hadi Afshar

    "Data science is the intersection of multiple fields including statistics and computer science. Its target is to extract meaningful and useful information out of raw data."
  • Gilad Francis

    Gilad Francis

    "Optimal decision-making under uncertainty."

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