18 June 2020

New treatment plan may increase cardiac survival and reduce stroke risk

Atrial fibrillation is a heart condition that affects two to four percent of the population. A new project will use digital tools to provide personalised support for patients to navigate their condition.
18 June 2020

Study reveals dual impact of technology on worker's mental health

With millions of people working from home throughout the coronavirus outbreak, new research has identified key strategies to safeguard mental health including following a regular routine and turning off unnecessary notifications on devices.
17 June 2020

How Australians use medical cannabis since legislation: new survey

Australians report using medicinal cannabis for chronic pain, mental health and sleep with the majority sourcing cannabis illicitly, despite medicinal cannabis being legal, a new survey from the University of Sydney has revealed.
16 June 2020

Refugee Week 2020: Staying connected during COVID-19

Adapting to a new life as a refugee in Australia is difficult enough, without the added stresses of a global pandemic. How do refugees feel settled in Sydney, at a time when the world itself is so unsettled?
16 June 2020

Borrowing from robotics, scientists automate mapping of quantum systems

PhD candidate Riddhi Gupta has taken an algorithm used in autonomous vehicles and adapted it to help characterise and stabilise quantum technology.
16 June 2020

India's leadership for good starts here

The University of Sydney's scholarship program to discover India's future visionary leaders, is one of the most generous scholarship programs available to Indian students offered by an Australian university.
16 June 2020

$20 million gift to establish a cancer immunotherapy laboratory

Philanthropy provides major support for developing immunotherapy to treat cancer and other immune-related diseases.
15 June 2020

University leaders honoured in Queen's Birthday list

Chancellor Belinda Hutchinson and Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Stephen Garton are among the University community members who have been recognised in the 2020 Queen's Birthday Honours List.
15 June 2020

Why a pandemic response should include dentistry

As a frontline health service, dentistry is well-placed to triage patients - during a pandemic or otherwise. Adequate government funding could ensure this in the future, say dental practice and policy experts.
15 June 2020

Great white shark diet surprises scientists

The idea of a dorsal fin above the water signifying shark feeding might not be very accurate, says PhD student Richard Grainger, who has found that these predators spend a lot of time feeding at the seafloor.