Message of support for Iran

28 September 2022

Sydney extends support to Iranian community

The University extends its solidarity and support to the people of Iran and members of our community with Iranian citizenship, who are of Iranian background, or have family and friends in the region. 

The current devastating events in Iran have deeply saddened and concerned many members of our University community, which includes students and staff with Iranian citizenship, and still more of Iranian background, or who have family and friends in the region. Our thoughts are with them.

“Our University is committed to the principles of equality and freedom of expression. We support the people of Iran as they protest peacefully for these principles and against the violent and restrictive measures of the Iranian authorities. We extend our deepest sympathies to all those suffering,” said Vice-Chancellor and President, Mark Scott. 

The University has already reached out directly to students of Iranian citizenship to offer additional support including special consideration, peer support and counselling, including for those based offshore. We are also consulting with relevant clubs and societies about how we can best connect with and support the wider Iranian student community with academic, psychological and other practical support for both current and prospective students.

Support for students and staff

Students in Australia can talk with one of our University counsellors, including during evenings and weekends. Students can also arrange to speak with a Peer Support advisor, who can assist with finding relevant information, support services and opportunities for social connection. Students whose studies have been impacted may apply for special consideration.

Support is also available for students overseas and more information is available on our student website.

For any staff or family members who are feeling distressed, counselling services are available via our Employee Assistance Program (EAP)