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Counselling and mental health support

Support for offshore students

You are studying offshore if you are currently enrolled in a course of study and you are not located in Australia.

Under Australian health regulatory law, our counsellors are unable to provide advice to, or undertake consultations with, students located outside Australia.

Accessing support

Our services include a range of self-help resources that you can access right now as an offshore student.

Review our literature for tips to manage effective communication, perfectionism and procrastination, along with advice about coping with a breakup, enjoying healthy relationships, and approaching relationship difficulties. There are challenges and problems we all experience from time to time, and quietly reading and understanding ways of reacting and responding can often help bring peace of mind and change our attitudes to those issues.

Mindfulness and relaxation don’t come naturally to most of us, but can be achieved over time with patience and practice. Spend as little as 10 minutes a day with our guided breathing and muscle relaxation exercises to help yourself get grounded and reduce feelings of anxiety or stress, or download the Smiling Mind app and practice daily meditation and mindfulness on any device.

In addition, our Head Set module in Canvas provides excellent advice about managing your wellbeing with self-care and self-compassion in times of anxiety, loneliness, low mood and stress. Log in to Canvas using your Unikey, just as you do to access your units of study, and explore Head Set at any time.


Download the Sonder app to get on demand access to wellbeing and safety professionals and resources. You can access safety, medical or mental health support through Sonder at any time day or night. Find out more about Sonder


Download the TalkCampus app and chat with students around the world, 24/7, in a safe, supportive and encouraging multilingual environment. The TalkCampus app provides free and instant support for your mental health and wellbeing, allowing you to chat anonymously in your first language, give and take advice and make friends globally. The TalkCampus app is University funded but delivered by TalkLife, an independent third party. The University has no access to your user data and will never request it. Find out more about TalkCampus.

Peer support

Our team of peer support advisors are trained students who can refer you to relevant information and services.

The team works hours suited to assisting offshore students located in east, south and southeast Asia. They can be contacted via Zoom during the hours of 12:00pm and 7:00pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time). All of China is two hours behind Sydney during AEST; during our daylight saving months (3 October 2021 to 3 April 2022) all of China is three hours behind. Check your time against current Sydney time on the world clock and complete our enquiry form to talk with a peer support advisor.

Multilingual resources in response to Covid-19

Psychology Tools published a guide titled Living with worry and anxiety amidst global uncertainty in March 2020 in response the coronavirus pandemic. This free guide is available for download in 43 languages. Anxiety and worry are normal responses to ambiguous, threatening, unfamiliar and unpredictable situations. Alongside other resources set out on this page, take some time to read this guide and explore the skills development exercises provided.

Contacts in China

With the assistance of Lifeline colleagues in Shanghai, China, we have verified the following services in-country:

Guangzhou Crisis Research and Intervention Center
Mandarin and Cantonese speaking 
24 hour service
(020) 8189 9120, please add +86 if calling from outside China

Chinese Mental Health Line in Shanghai only
Mandarin speaking
24 hour service
(021) 6303 6588, please add +86 if calling from outside China

Mandarin speaking 
24 hour service
400 161 9995

Chinese Crisis Line, Beijing Suicide Research and Prevention Center
Mandarin speaking
24 hour service
(010) 8295 1332 if calling from a mobile or 800 810 1117 if calling from a landline

Lifeline Shanghai 
English speaking only
24 hour service
(021) 6279 8990, please add +86 if calling from outside China

Last updated: 27 May 2022

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