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Arts and social sciences writing support

If you’re studying in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the Writing Hub can help you at every stage of the writing process, from interpreting essay questions and devising arguments to understanding how to reference correctly and edit your own work.

Collaboration and conversation are crucial tools in the writing process. Meeting with a student writing fellow can help you invent and clarify ideas, identify strengths and weaknesses in your arguments, and improve the structure of your writing to achieve the desired result.

The Writing Hub provides a space for these extended conversations that are not always possible in a classroom setting. Sessions are designed to build on the instruction and feedback students receive from their instructors.

Individualised writing support sessions are available for all undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and students from other faculties enrolled in WRIT coded undergraduate or postgraduate units of study. 

Our Student Writing Fellows are advanced writers who have undergone specialised training to provide constructive peer support. Offering assistance in eight different languages, our team can help you gain a better understanding of your own writing process and how to improve it, even if you are already a confident writer. They can also help you interpret feedback from instructors and develop better planning and time management skills that will serve you well throughout university and beyond.

Drop-in sessions

The writing support service begins in Week 4 each semester. Sessions in Semester 1, 2024 will be run as online, one-on-one sessions.

Semester 1 session hours

Sessions will be delivered at varying times Monday through Friday in Weeks 4 through 13 of the semester. There are no sessions during the mid-semester break, or on public holidays.

Sessions are held online, via the Writing Hub portal. Book online for a one-on-one online session.

School of Art, Communication and English

  • Room N386, Woolley Building (A20), Science Road, Camperdown Campus
Last updated: 01 February 2024

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