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Apply: how to apply for overseas study

Apply online

We recommend you start planning your application at least 6-12 months before you would like to start a global experience. This gives you enough time to research your options thoroughly, and get the advice you need before applying. You need to lodge your application before the relevant deadline.

Login to the Global Mobility Database with your UniKey and password to start your application.

You can save you application at any time and return to it later on.

As part of your application you will be asked to include:

  • three destination preferences and an explanation of your motivation for selecting each (personal, professional and/or academic)
  • an academic plan for your degree, demonstrating how an exchange semester or year fits within your course structure.

Steps to apply

1. Endorsement conditions

Your application will be assessed for eligibility and we’ll check to see whether you’ll be able to meet your degree progression requirements if you go on exchange.

If eligible, we’ll endorse you for overseas study. We'll send some conditions of us endorsing you and upload a degree plan to Sydney Student so that you can understand what:

  • ­to enrol in at Sydney before you go on exchange
  • to enrol in at your host institution
  • not to study on exchange.

You must follow these conditions. They ensure that your overseas study fits into your degree, and that you avoid delays to your graduation.If you fail to meet the conditions, you could receive a Fail grade for a portion of your exchange experience.

Changes to your course after endorsement

If you change your degree, program, major or minor, we will need to assess you again and cannot guarantee that you will still be endorsed for overseas study.

You must contact us as soon as you’ve made the changes in Sydney Student so that we can assess your for endorsement and if successful, send you new conditions.

2. Nomination

When you're endorsed, you’ll also be nominated for an exchange place at a host university. You’ll then need to accept this nomination offer in the Global Mobility database under your application. After this, your adviser will be in touch with information on how to apply to your host university.

If you’re not endorsed

If you’re not endorsed, we’ll send you an email explaining why and suggesting other overseas study options that might be available to you. You’ll then be able to log in to Sydney Student to view your degree plan.

You can apply for up to two programs during your application.

Once you've submitted your application we'll send you information on how to apply for academic approval for your units of study. After your units have been assessed, we’ll upload an academic approval letter in Sydney Student.

You'll then upload your academic approval letter to the Global Mobility Database so that we can nominate you for short-term exchange.

You can apply for up to two programs during your application.

During your application, you'll be able to indicate if you'd like to apply for credit for your overseas study.

Once you've submitted your application, if you indicated that you'd like to apply for credit for your study, we'll send you information on how to apply for academic approval.

Mobility Sydney Global

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9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Last updated: 28 February 2023

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