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Unit of study_

BACH2142: Cognitive Neuropsychology

Students acquire knowledge of normal cognition and the cognitive neuropsychological approach to brain-behaviour relationships and cognitive processes; the cognitive and behavioural consequences of brain damage and models of cognitive rehabilitation.

Code BACH2142
Academic unit Participation Sciences
Credit points 6
HSBH1003 or BACH1165 or PSYC1001 or PSYC1002

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. explain the key assumptions, terminology and methodologies of cognitive neuroscience and cognitive neuropsychology
  • LO2. interpret patterns of impaired linguistic performance with reference to models of language processing
  • LO3. interpret patterns of impaired cognitive performance with reference to models of perception, attention, memory, executive function and social-emotional processing
  • LO4. relate impaired cognitive or linguistic performance to underlying neuroanatomy and neurophysiology
  • LO5. infer impaired cognitive and linguistic performance for varied neuropathological conditions
  • LO6. apply models of cognitive neuropsychology as a basis for understanding cognitive and linguistic assessment, prognosis and outcomes
  • LO7. develop solutions for rehabilitation of cognitive and linguistic impairments with reference to models of cognitive neuropsychology
  • LO8. demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills
  • LO9. work effectively as part of a team for the assignments and class activities