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Unit of study_

BUSS4612: Marketing Honours A

This unit covers advanced research-integrated coursework topics mostly from leading journal articles in Marketing such as consumer behaviour, strategy, and international marketing. The topics revolve around products, branding, pricing, distribution channels and retailing, and promotions. The unit runs in seminar style.

Code BUSS4612
Academic unit Marketing
Credit points 6
Students must meet the entry requirements to the Honours program, including completion of a pass undergraduate degree and a major in the specialisation area
BUSS4001 and (BUSS4613 or BUSS4013)

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. demonstrate familiarity with the main substantive topics of interest within the field of marketing, and consumer behaviour and to understand, apply and critique the academic underpinnings of theories in marketing and consumer behaviour that contribute as a multidisciplinary area of study
  • LO2. build a knowledge base of substantive topics and discursive streams throughout the history of academic theorising about consumers and consumption behaviours by drawing selectively on the ancillary and related fields of strategy, management, international business, psychology, anthropology, sociology, cultural criticism, and cultural and media studies
  • LO3. build skills in identifying interesting and theoretically relevant research questions, understanding the research traditions in which those questions may be situated, and locating networks of theory, method, and practical knowledge through which answers to those questions might be developed and represented
  • LO4. define or explain a research topic (or article) that contributes to theory and knowledge base, and position and define that topic within a theoretical framework
  • LO5. analyse and critically review available research, develop and evaluate nomological network of causes and effects, either implicit or explicit, that summarises research.