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Unit of study_

CAHO4007: Contemporary Arts Honours B

In this unit, you will continue with your independent studio project, building on the preparatory activities for your studio artwork and research paper completed in your first semester. Through a continued exploration within the studio, you will work towards refining a body of work to be presented for examination. Throughout the semester you will also refine your paper with the submitting of drafts to your supervisor as milestones, commencing with a first draft submitted in the first week and finishing with a final research paper of 5000-7000 words ready for examination. You will continue regular meetings with your supervisor, who will provide feedback on your studio work and your written drafts.

Code CAHO4007
Academic unit Sydney College of the Arts
Credit points 18
CAHO4005 and CAHO4006

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of contemporary art practices, histories and theories that inform your own creative practice
  • LO2. Demonstrate rigorous and independent thinking
  • LO3. Engage critically with social, cultural and ethical issues and apply local and international perspectives to extend your creative practice
  • LO4. Communicate your ideas professionally, creatively and effectively
  • LO5. Locate your creative perspective in the broader arts and social community
  • LO6. Show awareness, sensitivity and empathy to subjective, cultural and racial differences
  • LO7. Use appropriate technologies and media to effectively gather and disseminate information
  • LO8. Apply Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) to all aspects of studio practice