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Unit of study_

CSCD4052: Professional Issues

Students will participate in professional learning experiences that integrate theoretical knowledge with clinical experience to prepare for the professional workplace. Students will cover issues in collaborative professional relationships, ethics, service level response to caseloads, compliance with legalisation, and ongoing personal and professional development. Students complete a group quality improvement project (generally at an external site).

Code CSCD4052
Academic unit Communication Sciences
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Demonstrate an understanding of the scope and nature of speech pathology in a range of contexts to consider individual and service level outcomes
  • LO2. Reflect and analyse your personal and professional experiences and skills in relation to the Professional Standards (2020) to inform professional development needs, and relevant evidence of skills and experiences to aid completion of a professional portfolio and applications for jobs
  • LO3. Understand and evaluate your role to engage in effective peer and interprofessional collaborative practice to manage service projects
  • LO4. Demonstrate interprofessional written and oral communication skills that are responsive to the needs of individuals and communities
  • LO5. Contribute to safe and quality services by collaborating in the planning or evaluation of a speech pathology service through quality improvement projects
  • LO6. Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of reciprocal learning of speech pathology colleagues’ students, services users, leaders, and elders
  • LO7. Identify strategies for managing ethical issues involved in providing clinical services, consistent with Speech Pathology Australia Code of Ethics (2020)
  • LO8. Reflect on and establish postgraduate methods to facilitate staying abreast of speech pathology, government and legislation changes which impact on practice
  • LO9. Advocate for professional development needs and the speech pathology profession as demonstrated in your project contract negotiations, resultant project outcomes and your job applications