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Unit of study_

DECO3200: Interactive Product Design Studio

This studio offers a context for students to apply design, technical and creative methods to the production of high-quality group work, with a strong focus on the development of high-impact portfolios. The studio allows students to apply methods and principles of human-centred design in the context of new product development, and to engage with new technologies for interactive product design. Assignments will take the form of flexible group projects, allowing students to develop proficiency in design and prototyping skills to a wide array of design problems that they may encounter in various industries. The unit will provide students with the skills to investigate and integrate advanced technologies into the design of objects with embedded information content and interactivity.

Code DECO3200
Academic unit Design Lab
Credit points 12
DECO2014 and DECO2200

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. assess the requirements of a design problem
  • LO2. identify which methods for ideation, prototyping, and evaluation to use at what stage of a project
  • LO3. apply ideation and design methods for developing solutions that synthesise insights from a need-finding process
  • LO4. prototype designs that address complex problems through innovative ideas
  • LO5. evaluate the performance and experience of a design solution
  • LO6. reflectively document and present process and designed solutions
  • LO7. work effectively in teams and in an interdisciplinary context.