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HSTY2628: BOOM! The History of War

2024 unit information

The Enlightenment promised to make war a thing of the past, replacing brute force with diplomacy and law. So why has the resort to arms been so depressingly persistent How have societies rationalised war over time and how have ways of making or experiencing war changed And to what extent has war been a driving force in history, propelling technological, medical, or social transformations Examining one of humankind's most intractable problems, this unit presents war's surprising, troubling, and complicated history.

Unit details and rules

Managing faculty or University school:

Code HSTY2628
Academic unit
Credit points 0
12 credit points at 1000 level in History or Ancient History
Assumed knowledge:

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Demonstrate an understanding of the changing material and experiential aspects of war, and a recognition of how wars have acted as a force for social transformation.
  • LO2. Demonstrate an awareness of the ways in which the legacies and costs of war have been assessed or obscured over time.
  • LO3. Be capable of taking a problem relating to the history of war, conducting independent research into that problem, assessing a range of primary and secondary material, and constructing an evidence-based argument in written form.
  • LO4. Be able to analyse historical evidence, scholarship and changing representations of the past using skills of sifting through information to weigh its significance and close reading of various texts.
  • LO5. Be independent learners
  • LO6. use appropriate media, tools, and methodologies to locate, access and use information.

Unit availability

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Session MoA ?  Location Outline ? 
Semester 2 2024
Normal day Camperdown/Darlington, Sydney
Outline unavailable
There are no availabilities for previous years.

Modes of attendance (MoA)

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