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Unit of study_

INFO4990: Computer Science Research Methods

This unit will provide an overview of the different research methods that are used in Computer Science. Students will learn to find and evaluate research on their topic and to present their own research plan or results for evaluation by others, write a literature review, learn about research quality metrics and ethics. This unit of study is required for students in Computer Science who are enrolled in a research project as part of their Honours degree, and for students starting their research degree (PhD, MPhil) in the School of Computer Science.

Code INFO4990
Academic unit Computer Science
Credit points 6
Students must satisfy Honours admission requirements
INFO4444 or INFO5993

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. demonstrate knowledge of major approaches used in CS research and ability to apply one or more to own project
  • LO2. plan a program of research in Computer Science
  • LO3. perform a critical evaluation of research work
  • LO4. retrieve academic literature on a specific topic and identify top journals, conferences, research groups on this topic
  • LO5. produce a literature survey for a field of CS research
  • LO6. write and present a research proposal
  • LO7. understand ethical practices and copyrights
  • LO8. read research literature and understand how the described work fits into one or more research approaches
  • LO9. understand the nature of IT research and how research is evaluated
  • LO10. Understand scientific peer reviewing and how to give constructive feedback
  • LO11. Communicate research ideas and proposal in a clear, effective way in oral and written form