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Unit of study_

MHST6904: Museum and Heritage: Objects and Places

Objects and heritage places (such as indigenous sites, historical buildings, parks, gardens, ruins, archaeological sites, memorials, cultural landscapes) can be studied from a range of multi-disciplinary approaches. In this unit students are introduced to different theoretical and methodological frameworks used in object and place analysis. Changing ideas about the roles and meanings of objects and places from historical, contemporary and cross-cultural perspectives will be introduced. Practical work and case studies will used to examine these issues.

Code MHST6904
Academic unit Art History
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Develop a sophisticated understanding of the museum and heritage fields as intersecting theoretical and professional disciplines concerned with interpreting cultural significance of objects and places.
  • LO2. Recognise the political, ethical and cultural implications of historical and contemporary approaches to interpreting the meanings of objects and places
  • LO3. Acquire critical knowledge of a range of conceptual, philosophical and disciplinary approaches to the interpretation of material culture, structures and sites
  • LO4. Develop literacy in, and be able to apply, practical methodologies for the analysis of museum objects and heritage places
  • LO5. Extend capacity to conduct independent scholarly research
  • LO6. Build skills, confidence and creativity in oral, visual and written communication