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Unit of study_

MUSC1611: The Studio for Songwriters 1

This unit explores the use of the studio from the viewpoint songwriter and is intended to prepare first year students in the Contemporary Music major for their recording projects throughout the degree. In addition, this unit will provide the fundamental critical listening skills which are built upon over the course of their studies, and into their future careers. In this unit, students will gain a thorough understanding of basic studio concepts to use when recording their creative work, with a focus entirely on contemporary music and recording techniques suited to this music. Students will work in small groups in tutorials to complete practical tasks such as file management, reverb techniques, panning, bussing, effects, EQ, microphone placement, basics of compression and limiting, grouping and mixing. However, the purpose of this course is not only to learn about recording techniques, but to understand how these techniques specifically work in support of the song.

Code MUSC1611
Academic unit Arts Music
Credit points 6
Assumed knowledge:
Students enrolling in this unit of study must have some experience with writing their own original songs in a contemporary music style

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Have an understanding of DAWs and their uses.
  • LO2. Understand and apply important studio concepts, like editing, EQ, compression, reverb, effects, panning, microphone techniques, grouping, bussing and mixing.
  • LO3. Critically listen to contemporary music recordings and reflect on their own creative process.
  • LO4. Confidently engage in future recording tasks in the Contemporary Music major.