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Unit of study_

PACS6931: Conflict Resolution: Theory and Practice

This unit of study introduces students to the theory and practice of conflict analysis and resolution. Students will gain an understanding of conflict resolution and transformation principles and interactive conflict resolution methods designed to address protracted, deep-rooted social conflicts. Students will learn skills that can be applied across the spectrum of conflict types from interpersonal and community, to inter-ethnic and international.

Code PACS6931
Academic unit Sociology and Criminology
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. understand conflict and its dynamics, types and categories
  • LO2. understand theories of conflict and its resolution
  • LO3. apply conflict mapping and other techniques to analyse conflict situations and identify appropriate conflict resolution strategies
  • LO4. demonstrate skills in conflict resolution and collaborative problem solving appropriate for conducting interventions such as mediation, conflict transformation, dialogue and interactive conflict resolution
  • LO5. demonstrate knowledge and skills in the design, facilitation and evaluation of interactive conflict resolution interventions in the context of deep-rooted, protracted social conflicts
  • LO6. exhibit gender and cultural sensitivity and inclusiveness in the analysis, design and conduct of conflict resolution interventions.