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SDDM5416: Integrated Clinical Dentistry B3

2024 unit information

This unit of study aims to increase the students' understanding of the prosthetic rehabilitation of patients with complete, partial or immediate dentures, including implant over-dentures, denture maintenance and repair; provision of traditional fixed prosthodontics with exposure to CAD CAM technology, (onlays, crowns, bridges) and implants. Students will undertake treatment and maintenance of patients with moderate to severe periodontitis (observation of periodental surgery), peri-implantitis. Students are required to provide a complete course of periodontal care and thus learn to evaluate the prognosis of periodontally involved teeth. The unit further aims to develop an understanding of behaviour management and pain control for paediatric patients; the provision of care for paediatric patients recognising and managing developmental anomalies. Students also may treat medically compromised children. Students will gain an understanding of the knowledge and scope of orthodontics carried out by general practitioners as well as the diagnosis and treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea. Students may be required to attend classes at multiple locations.

Unit details and rules

Managing faculty or University school:

Discipline of Restorative and Reconstructive Dentistry

Code SDDM5416
Academic unit Discipline of Restorative and Reconstructive Dentistry
Credit points 7
SDDM5314 and SDDM5315 and SDDM5316 and SDDM5317 and SDDM5324 and SDDM5325 and SDDM5326 and SDDM5327
SDDM5414 and SDDM5414 and SDDM5417
Assumed knowledge:

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Design and provide partial or complete dentures for patients, and rectify problems following denture issue.
  • LO2. Understand and demonstrate the specific requirements for relining, rebasing and repairing dentures.
  • LO3. Assess and provide treatment plans for patients who have fixed prosthodontic treatment needs, and be able to select the appropriate indirect material for patients based on patient, tooth and material considerations.
  • LO4. Understand the general principles of periodontal regeneration (biology, surgical techniques, surgical and regenerative materials, treatment outcomes) and different mucogingival surgical procedures as well as their indications in periodontal therapy.
  • LO5. Provide the maintenance and discuss long term prognosis of teeth and dental implants in periodontally compromised patients. Students will also be familiar with complex/advanced cases requiring comprehensive periodontal treatment and interdisciplinary treatment approach.
  • LO6. Understand and be able to recognise and treat early childhood caries. Understand the mechanism of action of fluorides and the role of systemic versus topical fluoride administration
  • LO7. Provide clinical care for paediatric patients treated in the specialist clinics at WCOH and SDH, and the general practice clinics on rotation to metropolitan and rural clinics (competently, empathetically and within a reasonable timeframe). This includes the use of local anaesthesia, rubber dam placement, PRR, GIC, amalgam and SSC restorations in primary molars, primary pulp therapy and extractions of primary teeth.
  • LO8. Describe the common orthodontic problems experienced by patents and how they are managed.

Unit availability

This section lists the session, attendance modes and locations the unit is available in. There is a unit outline for each of the unit availabilities, which gives you information about the unit including assessment details and a schedule of weekly activities.

The outline is published 2 weeks before the first day of teaching. You can look at previous outlines for a guide to the details of a unit.

Session MoA ?  Location Outline ? 
Semester 1 2024
Normal day Westmead, Sydney
Session MoA ?  Location Outline ? 
Semester 1 2020
Normal day Westmead, Sydney
Semester 1 2021
Normal day Westmead, Sydney
Semester 1 2022
Normal day Westmead, Sydney
Semester 1 2023
Normal day Westmead, Sydney

Modes of attendance (MoA)

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