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Unit of study_

SIEN6003: Management Consulting

This unit explores the role, influence and activities of management consultants in Australia and overseas. It examines management consultants as developers and disseminators of knowledge and practice and their role as change agents. The main management themes covered in the unit include: the consulting industry in Australia and overseas; consultant roles and the consultant-client relationship; consultants and organisational change; knowledge intensive firms and the management of expertise; the diffusion of management knowledge and fashion in a global economy; consulting as an occupation and career; managing a consultancy.

Code SIEN6003
Academic unit Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Identify and analyse the major features of the management consulting industry, its key practice areas, historical and current dynamics, and consulting’s impact on organizational and management practice
  • LO2. Use suitable research methods and information technologies to acquire, analyse and interpret data, concepts and theories salient to an analysis of consulting problems and formulate appropriate findings, recommendations and remedies
  • LO3. Question, assess and respond independently and creatively to assumptions, propositions and debates within management and organisational theory and practice
  • LO4. Define factors relevant to selling and conducting a successful consulting engagement and make recommendations that are coherent, persuasive, and appropriate for the situation
  • LO5. Influence others to work collaboratively to recommend and report on policies and strategies to address complex organisational problems