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WORK1004: Foundations of Management

This is a foundational unit in the Management and IR and HRM subject areas. An introductory overview of management methods and approaches is provided which forms the basis of study for an advanced specialisation in management. The unit examines management as a process of planning, organising, leading and controlling the efforts of organisational members and discusses how recent trends such as globalisation, economic change and the effects of new technology have led to profound changes in how organisations are managed. The unit explores these issues with respect to both large and small, public and private, and domestic and foreign organisations.

Code WORK1004
Academic unit Work and Organisational Studies
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. explain the main elements of management and its role in organisations
  • LO2. identify problematic assumptions that underlie classical theories of management and when to apply alternative techniques in a variety of organisational contexts
  • LO3. justify the selection of management techniques to apply in case study problems
  • LO4. develop an appreciation of the role of self-awareness and presentation skills in good management
  • LO5. analyse broader implications of modern management techniques for different groups in society.