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Research progress

Progress review

Each year you will complete an annual progress review to ensure you are on track with your research. Additional reviews may be negotiated with your supervisors or postgraduate coordinator.

Through the review you can get feedback and assistance with your candidature and any potential issues can be identified and addressed. The future goals of your research and accomplishments will also be reviewed as part of this process.

Progress reviews need to be completed unless you:

  • are on suspension
  • are under examination.

Complete your progress review

Your annual progress review has two parts, an online form and an interview.

Online form

We will contact you when your progress review is due and provide a link to the online form.

You need to complete the form and upload supporting documents outlined below. Your supervisor(s) will also complete the form and then you will each have the opportunity to review the content submitted. All comments submitted as part of the progress review may be visible to your supervisor, panel members, postgraduate coordinators and associate dean. 

All supporting documents should be uploaded as a Portable Document Format (PDF) file.

Faculty or school






Progress plan

Ensure your current progress plan has been reviewed by your supervisor.



Thesis abstract

Your thesis abstract is a summary of your thesis argument and should not exceed 2000 characters. If you have previously saved your thesis abstract in Sydney Student, you can copy this.

Architecture, Design and Planning


Research proposal

If you are a probationary candidate (usually year 1) you need to provide a research proposal that does not exceed 3000 words. Refer to the Probation guidelines (pdf, 126KB) for more detailed instructions.

Engineering and IT


Research proposal

If you are a probationary candidate (usually year 1) you need to provide a research proposal of up to two pages. See information below.

Engineering and IT


Literature review

If you are a probationary candidate (usually year 1) you need to provide a literature review of up to 10 pages. See information below.


After completing your online form, you will have an interview with a panel of academic staff, that does not include your supervisor. Here you can discuss your research, progress and any concerns or constraints you are experiencing. Following your interview, you will be able to review the comments made by the academic panel.

As part of your first-year progress review you are required to submit a draft Research Proposal and Literature Review.

  • Your Research Proposal needs to be original and innovative, addressing a research question(s), and outline a clear research plan, research methodology and estimated time lines to complete your thesis. There is no prescribed length, but generally it should be no more than two pages.
  • Your Literature Review is a collection of leading knowledge in a specific field that provides evidence that you have a clear understanding of the background knowledge relevant to your research project. For your first year review, you are required to submit a condensed version of your Literature Review for the Panel Committee’s consideration. This must be no longer than 10 pages in length.

Higher Degree by Research Administration Centre

  • HDRAC is closed for in-person enquiries

    Level 5, Jane Foss Russell Building, Darlington Campus


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Last updated: 21 January 2021

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