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Research progress

Progress review

Each year you will complete a progress evaluation to ensure you are on track with your research. Additional evaluations may be negotiated with your supervisors or postgraduate coordinator.

Through the evaluation process you can get feedback and assistance with your candidature and any potential issues can be identified and addressed. The future goals of your research and accomplishments will also be reviewed as part of this process.

Progress reviews need to be completed unless you:

  • are on suspension
  • are under examination.

Complete your progress evaluation

Your progress evaluation has two parts, an online form and an interview or meeting (known as a progress evaluation meeting or PEM).

Online form

When your progress evaluation is due, you will receive an automatic notification from RECS, with a link to complete your form. You can also log in to complete it through RECS by selecting 'My project' then 'Progress evaluation'.

The form itself will consist of a number of pre-filled sections describing your candidature. You will be asked to reflect on supervision and various other aspects of candidature and answer the questions carefully and honestly, before submitting. Your lead supervisor will then complete their section of the form. They will not be able to see what you have written until the meeting date has been confirmed.


After completing your online form, you will have an interview with a panel of academic staff. This will not usually include your supervisor, unless the faculty or school has chosen specifically to invite them. Here you can discuss your research, progress and any concerns or constraints you are experiencing. Following your interview, you will be able to review the comments made by the academic panel and provide feedback on the PEM process and how effective it has been in supporting your candidature.

Last updated: 19 April 2024

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