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Working with children requirements

If you are completing a child-related placement as part of your course at the University, you will need to get a Working With Children Check. If you are completing an education course, you'll also need to undertake anaphylaxis training.

  1. Working With Children Check
  2. Anaphylaxis training

Working With Children Check

The Working With Children Check involves a criminal record check and review of findings of misconduct involving children.

You can find information about the check in the Child Protection (Working with Children) Act 2012 and regulation.

How to apply

Your faculty or school will let you know if you need to provide a Working With Children Check.

You can apply for a check on the Working With Children Check website. While you are on placement you are considered a volunteer, so do not have to pay an application fee for your check.

If you have a placement outside NSW, it is quite likely you’ll need to get a State/Territory specific check relating to working with children and/or vulnerable people. The placement team in your faculty or school will give you information on the specific checks you need. Allow up to six weeks for the application process for these additional checks.

What happens next

If your check provides clearance, the Office of the Children’s Guardian will issue you with a Working With Children Check number. This can be used for any paid or voluntary child-related work in NSW.

You may be requested to provide your Working With Children Check number to the University.

If your check identifies that you are a disqualified person, you will be unable to apply for or undertake a child-related placement. Information on disqualifying offences is outlined in the Child Protection (Working with Children) Act 2012.

Last updated: 05 June 2023

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