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About this major

Economics is a diverse, fascinating discipline that studies a wide range of issues that shape the broad framework of society – political, social and commercial. The School of Economics has a proud history as one of the most highly ranked centres in economics. This is reflected in our degrees, which promote a deep understanding of the key concepts of economics with a focus on contemporary issues of Australian and international importance. The Advanced Economics Program is especially designed to prepare students to study Honours in economics. Our Honours graduates frequently become leaders in their fields – at the Reserve Bank, APRA, Treasury and other government departments, in global financial institutions, and with economics and management consulting firms. They also go on to further study at some of the finest institutions in the world.

The objective of the Advanced Economics Program is to equip students for the diverse range of careers which value research skills in economics – for understanding economic and social phenomena, analysing economic data, and exploring alternative choices in addressing key challenges. The Advanced Economics Program emphasises the greater mathematical and statistical rigour needed by researchers to analyse economic phenomena using advanced economic theory and applied data analysis techniques. This preparation broadens the range of issues that can be studied and enables deeper economic analysis and contributions to economic thought.

For more information on the program structure and content including unit of study information, please refer to the Arts and Social Sciences Handbook.

This program is offered by the School of Economics.

Graduate opportunities

Our graduates enter a wide range of careers. Examples include:

  • Business analyst
  • Communications specialist
  • Economic consultant
  • Economist
  • Financial analyst
  • Futures and commodity trader
  • Government policy adviser
  • Management consultant
  • Market research analyst
  • Merchant and trade banker
  • Policy analyst
  • Stockbroker
Courses that offer this major

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