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Sexual assault

Reporting an incident to police

It is your choice if you want to report the incident, and who you want to report the incident to. You can make a report to local law enforcement and you also have the option to report it to the University.

In an emergency, contact emergency services by dialling triple zero (000).

Report to local police

Whether the assault took place on or off campus, you can make a report to your local police station. You can call in advance and ask to make a report to a detective. You can also ask to speak to a staff member who is specifically trained in responding to sexual assault or harassment.

SARO questionnaire

If you want to provide information to the police but don’t want to proceed with a formal investigation, you can provide details of the assault by completing the sexual assault reporting option (SARO) questionnaire (pdf, 1316KB). This can be done anonymously if you choose, but there will be no response if you remain anonymous.

The questionnaire does ask for details about the incident. We recommend that you have a friend with you to help you, as providing this information may be distressing for you.

The questionnaire may be used to assist police to develop strategies which target offenders and protect the community.

You can find more information on the reporting options available and what to expect from the NSW Police website.

Student liaison officers

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Last updated: 19 May 2020

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