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Industry and community projects

Gain career experience and boost your employability with our Industry and Community Project Units (ICPU).


Industry and Community Project Units (ICPUs) provide you with the opportunity to work on authentic problems and issues set out by industry, community and government organisations.

In collaboration with an industry partner and an academic lead, you will work in a group with other students from a range of disciplinary backgrounds. Together you will research, analyse and present solutions to real world problems set by the external partner organisation. You will then have the opportunity to engage with and learn from industry experts and present your recommendations and ideas to the industry partner.

The projects are available as:

Projects and partners

We have partnered with more than 85 business, government, and community organisations in Australia and globally to give you the opportunity to work on real-world projects. Partners include ACON, Bridge Housing, PTW Architects, Cartier, Gilbert and Tobin Lawyers, JLLParatus Clinical, Powerhouse Museum, TATA India, The Smith Family, Ventia, Ernst and Young, ANSTO, Westpac Bank and many more.

You will work in teams to explore real-world topics such as Technology in Agriculture, Digital Innovation in Education, Gender and Sexual Identity and Vaccination. These are only a few examples from a wide range of exciting topics to choose.

Some projects are offered as semester-long projects and some are offered as intensives, completed over four- or six-weeks during February, July and October (3000 level only). 

What you need to do

3000 level projects

  • Check our project registration open and close dates
  • Make sure you’re eligible
  • Choose the type of project unit – semester-long or intensive
  • Browse our list of available projects and partners
  • Check that you are available for the allocated class time on our project timetable (note that intensives are full time equivalent offerings)
  • Select a shell unit in Sydney Student
  • Register for a project (places in each project are limited so we encourage you to register early to avoid missing out)

4000 level projects

See the information for 4000 level projects and how to apply.

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Last updated: 08 December 2023

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