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Our partnerships 

Outstanding outcomes through collaboration
Our partnerships allow us to achieve things that we couldn't do alone.

We are truly multidisciplinary. We partner with academics from different disciplines across the University and other institutions, as well as with industry, community and government bodies.

Our partnerships work on new ways to solve real world problems through the application of data science.

Together with our partners our goals are undertaking new and innovative research in data science and machine learning to deliver data driven advances in areas like crime prevention, youth unemployment, medical treatment and industrial efficiency.

Joint research project collaborations are producing results which positively influence industry and government policy and decision making. The outcomes improve our society and economy and often have a far-reaching worldwide impact.

Our partnerships span four key research areas


Natural resources

  • IAG
  • McKinsey
  • Newcrest
  • Rio
  • Sydney Water
  • University of Western Australia
  • University of New South Wales

Human condition

  • The Gradient Institute
  • IAG
  • Sydney Law School


  • eHealth
  • Sydney Health Partners

Intelligent systems

  • Australian National University
  • Department of Defence