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Become a peer mentor


The Business School Peer Mentoring Program provides both commencing and continuing students the opportunity to connect with their peers, build networks, and learn about academic and co-curricular opportunities available at the University of Sydney Business School.

As a Peer Mentor, you will make a positive impact on the university community by guiding a group of first-year students in their transition to university life.

What’s involved

You will receive training on leadership, teamwork, and communication skills, before being connected with a group of commencing students on the Business School Welcome Day. The program also offers peer networking opportunities, social events, and a certificate of completion at the end of the program.

This is a volunteer role and is only available in-person. As a Peer Mentor, you will need to commit about 20 hours to the program. You are required to:

  • complete a one-hour online training module prior to February 2024
  • attend an in-person training day on Thursday 1 February 2024
  • attend the Welcome Day event during Welcome Week
    • on Tuesday 13 February 2024 if you are an undergraduate student
    • on Friday 16 February 2024 if you are a postgraduate student
  • meet with your mentees at least two additional times during the program (between Weeks 1 and 5)
  • complete three short mentor reports in Chronus
  • keep in touch with your students and be available to respond if they contact you.

You will receive a certificate of recognition from the Business School and a letter of recommendation when you complete the program.



If you have any questions, email the Business School Student Life Team at

You are eligible to apply if you are completing a course at the Business School and have completed at least one semester of study, in addition to being able to fulfil the requirements above.

Mentors need to be enthusiastic and committed to providing support to the students they are mentoring for the first six weeks of semester. By registering to be a Business School Peer Mentor, you are indicating that you will attend the in-person training day on Thursday 1 February 2024, and the Business School Welcome Day during Welcome Week.

How to register

Registrations for the Business School Peer Mentoring Program Semester 1 are closed. 

What happens next

Faculty Welcome Day

In the lead up to Welcome Day, you will be paired up with a fellow Peer Mentor. At the beginning of Welcome Day you will be connected with your student mentees.

All groups will attend a breakout session on the day during which group members can connect with each other and mentors can answer any questions from commencing students. The Welcome Day program will be further discussed during the Peer Mentor training.

Group meetings and activities

You are required to organise at least two additional meetings mentor group meetings between Weeks 1 to 5 of the semester.

We encourage you to organise additional meetings and events for your mentees, although this is not compulsory. These activities help you build a rapport with your mentees and build their confidence in meeting other students. Mentors must complete three short reports on Chronus in order to complete the program.  

Business School Peer Mentoring Program

Last updated: 05 December 2023

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