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Become a peer mentor


The Sydney Law School Peer Mentoring Program starts during Faculty Welcome Week, the week before classes begin, and runs during Semester 1 of the JD or LLB programs. The program matches mentors with a group of new students and involves sharing knowledge through mentoring sessions and participating in informal activities until the end of Week 4/5 of semester.

What’s involved

As a mentor, you are required to:

  • attend one face-to-face training session via Zoom during the last week of January (Date to be confirmed)
  • mix with other mentors to share your knowledge and experiences
  • conduct at least three mentoring sessions with your mentee group
  • lead your group through discussions to provide information, tips and direction on life as a Sydney Law student
  • be a point of contact for your mentees during their first semester of study.

For more information, contact the Professional Law Programs Team at


You can register to be a mentor if you are in at least your second year of study in the Sydney Law School.

You need to be available to attend the training and mentoring sessions.

How to register

Towards the end of each year, you can nominate as a volunteer mentor for the following year.


You need to attend one 2-hour training session where you will learn the skills, knowledge and confidence to be an effective mentor.

What happens next

Mentoring sessions

You need to attend sessions with your mentees. The sessions you need to attend will vary depending on whether you are mentoring JD full-time students, JD part-time students or LLB (combined) students. You will usually be allocated mentees that are in the same degree program as yourself.

Last updated: 10 August 2023

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