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Student responsibilities

Conditions of enrolment

To remain enrolled at the University of Sydney, you need to meet the Conditions of Enrolment.

  1. Despite any publication, announcement or advice, the University is not obliged to offer a particular course or unit of study in any particular semester, and may change arrangements for courses or units of study, including in respect of staffing, content or location.
  2. The University reserves the right to cancel your enrolment if:
    • you, or someone acting on your behalf, made a material misrepresentation in your application for admission to a course
    • you failed to disclose to the University a fact or circumstance material to the University's decision to admit you to a course
    • you were admitted to a course on the basis of a qualification, degree, diploma or certificate, that you obtained wholly or partly by fraud, academic misconduct or other dishonesty.
    • you fail to complete, to the University's satisfaction, all requirements for enrolment in a course, including payment of loans, fines, fees or other money owed to the University.
  3. You are not permitted to enrol in more than one award course at any level, except with the permission of the relevant associate deans, or as part of an approved combined degree or double degree program.
  4. You agree to comply with the University of Sydney's by-laws, rules, policies, procedures and faculty local provisions, as applicable.
  5. You agree that you have read, understood and agree to comply with the Student Charter (pdf, 221KB).

Ensure your enrolment is correct

You need to ensure that your enrolment is correct at the relevant census date. If you have enrolled in units of study offered in non-standard semesters or intensive mode, make sure you’re aware of the census dates relevant to those units of study.

If you don’t, and there is an error with your enrolment, this error will remain on your record.

Check that your Commonwealth Assistance Notice is accurate

If you are a Commonwealth supported student and/or have a HELP loan, you have a final opportunity to correct any errors with your enrolment once you receive your Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN).

These notices are emailed to you in the 28 days following each census date relevant to your enrolment (as required by the Higher Education Support Act 2003). The final date for correcting any errors you detect is displayed on the notice.

Know your FEE-HELP balance

If you are an eligible domestic full fee-paying student, and have chosen to take a FEE-HELP loan, you need to know your FEE-HELP balance at all times and inform the University if you don’t have enough balance to cover your full enrolment.

The Australian Government's Study Assist website explains what the FEE-HELP balance is and how to calculate it.

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Last updated: 10 October 2023

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