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Approvable calculators and bilingual dictionaries

Calculator approvals

You can come to the Student Centre and one of our friendly staff members will help with approving your calculator. 

  • Visit the Student Centre (level 3 of the Jane Foss Russell building) from 10 am to 2 pm, Monday to Friday.

Before you arrive, make sure your calculator is on the approvable models list.

Your unit of study coordinator decides which kind of calculator, if any, can be used in your final in-person exam. This will be outlined on your personal exam timetable. You may need to get your calculator approved before you are allowed to bring it into your exam.

Types of calculators:

  • programmable – these do not need to be approved if they are permitted in your exam
  • non-programmable – these need to be approved before your exam

Any non-programmable calculators need to be on the approvable calculators list if you want to use them in your exam. Make sure that you understand the information about what you can bring into your in-person exams.

Approvable non-programmable calculators

Miscellaneous models

  • Kmart Pocket Calculator




  • 82MSADG98110
  • 82ESADG98140
  • 82ESADG98152
  • ADG98152


  • FX-350MS


  • F-604
  • F-715S
  • F-715SG
  • F-717SGA
  • F-730SX
  • F-789SGA
  • F-960SG


  • fx-100AU
  • fx-100AU PLUS 1st or 2nd edition
  • fx-100MS 1st or 2nd edition
  • fx-115ES PLUS 1st or 2nd edition
  • fx-115MS
  • fx-122S
  • fc-200V 1st or 2nd edition
  • fx-220/220 PLUS
  • fx-300ES PLUS 1st or 2nd edition
  • fx-300MS 1st or 2nd edition
  • fx-350CN CX/PLUS/X
  • fx-350ES PLUS 1st or 2nd edition
  • fx-350EX
  • fx-350HB
  • fx-350MS 1st or 2nd edition
  • fx-350TL
  • fx-375ES
  • fx-500ES
  • fx-JP500
  • fx-570ES/PLUS 1st or 2nd edition
  • fx-570 EX
  • fx-570VN/PLUS 1st or 2nd edition
  • fx-570MS 1st or 2nd edition
  • fx-570SPX
  • fx-580VNX
  • fx-718SGA
  • fx-82 Solar II
  • fx-82 AU
  • fx-82AU PLUS
  • fx-82AU PLUS  II 1st or 2nd edition
  • fx-82CN X
  • fx-82DE
  • fx-82DE X
  • fx-82ES
  • fx-82ES PLUS 1st or 2nd edition/PLUS A 1st or 2nd edition/PLUS II
  • fx-82EX
  • fx-82FS
  • fx-82LA PLUS
  • fx-82MS 1st or 2nd edition
  • fx-82ZA/PLUS/PLUS II
  • fx-8200AU
  • fx-83GT X
  • fx-85ES PLUS
  • fx-85GT PLUS/X
  • fx-85MS
  • fx-87DE PLUS 1st or 2nd edition
  • fx-92/+
  • fx-95CN X
  • fx-95ES PLUS 1st or 2nd edition
  • fx-95MS
  • fx-95SG PLUS/PLUS II
  • fx-96SG PLUS
  • fx-97SG X
  • fx-991CN CW
  • fx-991CN X
  • fx-991D PLUS
  • fx-991DEX
  • fx-991ES PLUS 1st or 2nd edition (Two Way Power)/PLUS C/PLUS C II
  • fx-991EX
  • fx-991ID ID PLUS
  • fx-991LA PLUS (Two Way Power)
  • fx-991MS 1st or 2nd edition
  • fx-991W
  • fx-991 ZA PLUS (Two Way Power)
  • fx-999CN CW


  • DL-1548
  • DL-1700/No.1700
  • DL-1710
  • DL-1708
  • DL-1728
  • D552MS-2
  • D82CN PLUS
  • D82ES/PLUS
  • D82MS
  • D82TM
  • D991CN
  • D991ES PLUS
  • JD991CN PLUS


  • D-82MSP
  • FC-991CN-C
  • FC-82CN-C


  • HP10S
  • HP10S+
  • HP300S+
  • HP 10sll
  • HP 10bII+
  • HP 300S+


  • InSystem IN-F16


  • JasCS1
  • JasCS EVO
  • JasCS2 EVO


  • KPE-681


  • 82MS ADG98770
  • 82MS ADG98110
  • 82ES ADG 98140


  • LB-5023CA


  • SC-250MX


  • EL-VN82
  • EL-W82CN
  • EL-243S
  • EL-506TS
  • EL-506X
  • EL-509T
  • EL-510RT
  • EL-531TH
  • EL-531THB-GR
  • EL-531THB-WH
  • EL-531VH
  • EL-531WH
  • EL-531X
  • EL-531X/XG/XH/XT
  • EL-531XH
  • EL-533X
  • EL-546X
  • EL-W516XG
  • EL-W531S/II
  • EL-W531HA
  • EL-W532TH
  • EL-W532THB-WH
  • EL-W532XH
  • EL-738/F/FB/XTB
  • EL-W82TL

Texas Instruments

  • BA II Plus/Professional
  • TI-30XA
  • TI-30XB
  • TI-30X Plus MathPrint
  • TI-30XB MultiView
  • TI-30XS
  • TI-30XS MultiView
  • TI-30XIIS
  • TI-34MultiView
  • TI-36X PRO


  • 570ES PLUS II


  • JOINUS JS-82MS-A/C/S/3/5
  • JOYKO CC-23
  • KENKO DS-803MS
  • Kmart Scientific Calculator
  • NUOS10 fx82ms
  • OLIN AL-82MS-2
  • TAKSUN TS-82MS-2
  • RSB fb-350MS
  • SUNWOOK EC-1882
  • XINNUO fn-82ESA-4

Bilingual dictionaries

You can bring a bilingual dictionary into your exam if you have first had it checked and approved.

  • Bilingual dictionaries used during exams can only provide word-to-word translations.
  • Dictionaries that provide definitions or explanations of the meaning of words aren't allowed.

These guidelines have been developed to be fair and consistent by making sure the dictionaries don't offer assistance during exams other than pure translation of words.

Once your bilingual dictionary has been approved, it will be stamped with an official University of Sydney stamp and can be used in all exams that allow the use of bilingual dictionaries.

Your dictionary may be inspected before your exam begins to ensure it is free of information that could be used for cheating.

Dictionaries with these features will not be allowed in your exam:

  • dictionaries that contain images of any kind, including dictionaries that have had pages with images torn out
  • electronic dictionaries
  • dictionaries containing notes
  • standard English-to-English dictionaries
  • thesauruses
  • textbook-style dictionaries, such as an accounting dictionary
  • periodic tables.

Examples of bilingual dictionary formats

The following table may be useful for identifying bilingual dictionaries. 

If your bilingual dictionary:

  • exclusively uses the bilingual dictionary format, it can be approved
  • uses the standard dictionary format, it will be rejected.

Bilingual dictionary format

House: Casa (Spanish)

Book: Libro (Italian)

Water: 水 (Shuǐ) (Mandarin)

Standard dictionary format

House: A building for human habitation, especially one that is lived in by a family or small group of people.

Book: A written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers.

Water: A colourless, transparent, odorless liquid that forms the seas, lakes, rivers, and rain and is the basis of the fluids of living organisms.

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Last updated: 22 May 2024

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