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About this specialisation

Digital media technology has become an indispensable part of our heterogeneous computing and communication environment. A postgraduate major in digital media technology will provide you with knowledge in creating interactive and effective digital media products, including the coding, analysis and manipulation of digital media. It introduces principles and current techniques such as multimedia data acquisition, analysis, processing, compression and management. You may engage in areas of study including multimedia design and authoring, multimedia retrieval, statistical natural language processing, usability engineering, visual analytics and an opportunity to engage in cross-disciplinary learning with architecture and design in the area of design thinking.

Graduate opportunities

Digital media technology is found in industries such as marketing and advertising, and in forms such as websites, newspapers and magazines. Anything that needs to be communicated to an audience can contain digital and print images, text or animation to attract attention and deliver content. Digital media technology can be used by web developers, graphic artists, digital photographers, designers, and desktop layout publishers.
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