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About this specialisation

The cybersecurity sector is experiencing explosive growth. With computing and network technologies deeply embedded into our everyday life and business practices, our exposure to security issues in this cyber-world continues to increase.

Our cybersecurity specialisation will expose you to the latest social and political issues in this dynamic sector and will introduce you to the concepts and technologies of information systems and networks with respect to cybersecurity.

It will also equip you with the technical capabilities to tackle eminent cybersecurity matters. You will learn how to monitor, measure and analyse security defects and attacks. You will also explore how to socially address and manage various cybersecurity issues within an organisation.

Please note: This specialisation is available from 2024 onwards.

Graduate opportunities

Upon graduation, you will have the technical skills and ability to apply your cybersecurity expertise within the banking and financial sector, government organisations, defence agencies, aviation and space industries, software and digital companies, public health organisations, hospitals, and the healthcare system.

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