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About this pathway

The Reproductive Health and Fertility Pathway provides advanced education in reproductive health and fertility issues with a focus on clinical, diagnostic, public health, and social aspects. Students will explore fertility control across the reproductive lifespan, unintended pregnancies, access to sexual and reproductive health services, maternal mortality, sexual violence, sexual and reproductive rights and preconception care and health. This stream will also cover reproductive endocrinology including an understanding of the reproductive cycle, gamete approximation and fertilisation biology; ovarian function, oogenesis and ovulation; testicular function, spermatogenesis. It will cover infertility including causes, risk factors and investigation of male and female infertility and provide an understanding of ovulation induction reproductive technologies and assisted conception. Students also have opportunities to choose elective units of study from a variety of related areas such as psychosexual therapy, HIV and STIs, and Public Health.

Postgraduate Program in Sexual and Reproductive Health

The Postgraduate Program in Sexual and Reproductive Health provides a diverse and inter-professional curriculum suitable for Australian and international students interested in the range of disciplines related to HIV, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), Sexual and Reproductive Health.  The Postgraduate Program in Sexual and Reproductive Health is designed to provide the maximum professional relevance, flexibility and choice.

Who is this pathway suitable for?

This pathway is suitable for professionals working in medical, nursing, or assisted reproduction and fertility services, family planning and other health discipline graduates interested in pursuing a career in reproductive health and fertility.

Courses that offer this pathway

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