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About this specialisation

From the evolving internet and web, to the growth of mobile, handheld and embedded devices, the critical need for engineers who can build a wide range of software systems and applications has become more acute, over the years. A postgraduate specialisation in software engineering will address all aspects of software production, from strategy, analysis, design, implementation and maintenance. You may engage in areas of study including object-oriented design, enterprise scale software architecture, software quality engineering and enterprise scale software architecture, supplemented with related areas of usability engineering and security.

Graduate opportunities

Software engineering graduates will find employment opportunities in:

  • information technology
  • database management
  • multimedia and telecommunication software systems
  • language compilers
  • internet programming
  • real-time software engineering
  • control systems¬†
  • biomedical systems
  • artificial intelligence
Courses that offer this specialisation

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Units of study in this specialisation

To commence study in the year

The course information on this website applies only to future students. Current students should refer to faculty handbooks for current or past course information.

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